From Big Living – To Tiny Living

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, how do you get used to “less space”?… I find the question amusing since the majority of the world lives in so much less space than we do. We just don’t comprehend because “big houses” and “big is more” is so prevalent around us that is has become the norm… For me, it truly has not been as hard a transition as maybe it could have. I came from a small childhood home, where sharing space with others was a normal part of life. I believe that was a foundation for this season.  There is no great secret to make this a successful transition, but if I could point to something that has also made this a experience something to look forward to and not a “jolting” experience is PERSPECTIVE.  My “perspective” has become less and less about the things that I will not have and about the things that are in front of me. Eternal has a way of shifting the need for “me” having all the things and others being put before. How blessed to share the principles of living simply with our Kids. To help them see a world created by a Master Architect that didn’t withhold His hand and created beauty beyond our wildest imagination… To help others as we have been helped. All because we can do with less… Perspective is a great thing, my friends… So I leave you with a little food for thought (and yea all of our blogs won’t be “deep”, so don’t be hating just enjoy a little depth for this one…)

But where does your perspective lead you?

So here is our before “Big Living” 3,500 sq. ft. +:

And our now “Tiny Living” 335 almost sq. ft: