Planing for the Road Ahead…

Hi All~

Sorry it’s been a while since our last blog. We have not fallen off the face of the earth or been downed by COVID. Though we have had a few medical issues to contend with (that’s another story.) We had hope that this spring would find us back on the road again and COVID free. Well though one of those is not likely to happen any time in the near future. We are moving ahead with the second and planning a shorter travel season.

Our plans are not fancy, and we have the months of Spring-Summer sketched out. We’ve learned from last year that no matter how much “well-planning” you do, you must keep yourself open to change and fluid to whatever comes your way.

It takes a bit more to plan these days, my little “Clo-ffice” (that’s a closet-office) has been covered with roadmaps, lists, calendars and traveling apps for weeks in order to get to the “few” destinations that we hope to hit in the next several months. I know many others travel less “schedule” that we do.

So you maybe asking why all the work? Easy~ Keith has to have realiable cell service – work, so do they kids for school. Most of our stays are a month a time for the above reason (work and school), so our “sight-seeing” is left for weekends or evening time. We “live” on the road, is not a vacation, so we have to be able to function our every day lives too.

Hard at work planning in my “clo-ffice”…

But we have continued to explored our FL surroundings while we have waited to hit the road. We have learned to be content in every situation we are blessed to be in. To be patient while we wait and to see the beauty in all our surroundings.

We usually close each blog with our signature “quote”, well we’ve been living by it too..

”Remember, it’s not just the destination, but the Joy of the Journey”

Keith & Merari