year in contemplation…McFarland Year End Greetings…

2020, not sure how to describe the year that the world came to a stop. Yet, again in our personal lives, we achieved so many milestones too. So let us recap our 2020 in a nutshell. The beginning of the year found us still on the road with an extensively booked calendar—our hopes to see so many new places for the year. Austin, TX, was the trendy start of our year, then we decided to relax and lay back in Galveston. Little did we know that would be our “shelter-in-place” for many months to come. After our extended and unexpected stay in a beachy but “fogged most days” in Galveston, we made some hard decisions. Unscheduled many hope and dreams for our spring and summer and decided to check on our family in Florida.   Preferring to lay low for the summer and see what this pandemic was all about and if it would hand about pass a “few more weeks.” 

While in Florida, however, we have managed to “celebrate” a few family milestones. Such as – Duncan’s graduation from High School, 18th b-day, getting his full driving license, and starting college – ALL IN ONE SEASON!!!  EllaMaria – celebrated her sweet 16th, got her driving permit, and began the 11th grade (yes – she is that much is closer to graduation too). Xavier – now a full-fledge pre-teen, who celebrated his 12th b-day, continues to become a nature lover and fishing enthusiast. In our new winter “spot” that happens to be a Nature Preserve, he has endeared to score a “junior membership” to the nature preserve society. We believe we have a future National Park Ranger in the making. 

Duncan’s Graduation Celebration

As for Keith and I, we continue to do the best we can within the “restricted” limitation to share our hearts about the ministries that the Lord has placed in our hearts. Our home on wheels and truck still share about “Justice and Mercy International,” so we always get asked who they are. I am now again actively serving in Women’s Ministry (online –, which brings me immense joy to see that this online ministry has provided a haven for women even amid a worldwide pandemic.  Whom may come and gather fellowship, and be encouraged when otherwise they would not have gathered in-person. 

Though this year has looked so much different from what we had initially planned, we still have been so grateful and praise the Lord for the things we have and can do. We have learned that the state we grew up in has much to offer and explore, and we have been able to do it safely and healthily. We have enjoyed a safe and healthy family time with loved ones that memories will last for a lifetime. Our growing children have made some incredible milestones. They show us that time is indeed precious as they are quickly developing into young adults that we “sadly” knew would too quickly come and was a keystone of what set us in our journey to be intentional in our lifestyle.  We hope not to miss the little moments that life has to offer. 

We pray and hope when you all read this, the Lord’s blessing will be upon your family and your person, and whatever 2021 may have for us, may we be a yielded vessel to love, serve and give grace back as is being given to us. 

“Remember it’s not just the destination, but the Joy of the Journey”