the after…life after COVID-19

How has life changed for you after COVID-19? It is a valid question that many of us have been asking in the last several months. As life settles into a “new normal”. Such as shopping with a mask on, making sure there is some type of hand sanitizer or cleaner available at all times, 6-feet rule…this has become our new “world” every day living. We all look at what is ahead and are not quite sure what awaits us…

Friendly neighbors…

For us, who travel “full-time” life has also taken a new perspective… It has taken me a bit to be able to process this new “norm” and to be able to sit down and write to you all. To recap where this “pandemic” has first encounter us and taken us, and how it has changed the course of our current journey.

We happened to be in beautiful Galveston Island, after preparations to hunkered down and were able to safely spend close to 3-months in shelter-in-place there while waiting to decide on how to best move forward… Able to hear the roar of the ocean even if not able to see it still brought comfort and refreshing breezes, and our neighbors were gentle and friendly horses that loved “carrot treats”. We knew that a change was headed our way.

Duncan – Grad 2020!!

Florida was our next big destination due to our eldest upcoming high school graduation, which like most of the US has been celebrated at home with the well-loved and embarrassing “graduation sign” in front of the bus, cap, and gown party with family (more of that to come). We also wanted to check on our family that was also in the state, especially our parents.

One of our hopes with this life was flexibility, and allowing the Lord to lead the way. Well, we definitely feel like there has been ” A LOT” of flexibility this year and definitely “A LOT” of leading. Once in Florida, it continued to become apparent that many of the scheduled plans we had made were not going to be possible due to partial or full closures. So, we decided to look at what was possible instead.

Florida happens to be the childhood state of both Keith and me, yet neither of us has explored it with the “eyes” that we look at the rest of the US… so we decided to take a fresh look at it and see what everyone else saw too, here is what I have found out so far:
HIKING TRAILS: ESTIMATED 5,000 miles of available trails

So if for the time being, we have to stay “around” one area, guess we’ll have just about “enough” to explore for a while… Stay healthy and safe.

As always remember:

“It’s just not the Destination, but the Joy of the Journey”

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