2 years..where have you gone?

March is peeking around the corner, the birds are chirping (well in southern TX – the Grackles are making a ruckus – but that is a whole different blog). We find our selves looking back in awe that we are at our “2nd year Nomadiversary”. For those of you not familiar with the term, that means “nomad- anniversary”.

We embraced Full-Time RV living back in March of 2018 (even if it was in our driveway at the time). While we fully transition and finalized all the details,  we lived, schooled, and persevered through the rough spots and hit the road in June (2018). We started in a different “tiny home on wheels”, we’ve discovered more about ourselves, made a few “mistakes” along the way and became fully committed to our Journey. We continue to endure and found that even in all the “ups and downs”, God’s amazing Grace sustains us in this amazing Journey.

We still “do everyday life” – work, school, chores, (yes lots of chores) and lots of fun stuff too … but it’s not a vacation y’all! (though my pictures may make it seem like it is – ok it maybe it is a vacation for our dogs!!). We live intentionally and want to work, serve and play TOGETHER  (and sometimes fight and cry too). Life is REAL.

Our journey has seen many great milestones for all of us. So let us give you a recap. As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words, the following should be worth…about “a MILLION“!!”


“Remember if just not the destination, but the Joy of the Journey”