Making of a Mountain Man…

Many have commented on the evolving “look” that my better-half, Keith has been sporting this past year. His facial hair has indeed been on a journey of its own… Many have concluded that he has become a “mountain man”. However, though he is not a stranger to facial hair this new transition to “full-bearded” Keith has taken many by surprise… I laugh a little as so many puzzles over his choice… Yet, when looking around it seems that “beards” have become the last frontier of masculinity that men have left (to quote a very funny comedian)… And in some aspects, I think this may be true…Whether sporting a mustache, a 2-day stumble or a well-groomed (or not so well) full beard men embraced facial hair all around us.

Looking throughout history men’s facial hair has had diverse meanings (such as masculinity, royalty, fashion, and status.) Many civilizations went as far as creating “fake beards” to achieve this imposing look (i.e. Egyptians)…Many have as intricate grooming rituals as we see today. Items as beard curling iron (to create fanciful cascading curls) to beard oils and specialty dyes to look more “dashing”. Beards have been seen as a sign of wisdom by some while others as a sign of “aggression and authority “…(in the Middle Ages – if one man touched another’s beard it could be construed as a sign of aggression and a duel 🤺 could be issued – glad this is not the case now or Keith would be issuing tons of duel to me…lol)

Beard Historical Chart
“Pick the best beard for you??”

Of course, one core practicality is that it also keeps your face warm (Keith’s favorite attribute), his least favorite… drinks dripping from the beard constantly – and must be constantly wiped off (🙄)…Whether you are a fan of the fuzzy and full beard look or the smooth and clean-shaved  one… Beards are here to stay…As for me (humble wife) as long as it’s clean and groomed, we’ll live with whatever facial hair makes our better half happy…


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