until next time California …

Wrapping up our visit to CA we took a beautiful drive along the Monterey/ Carmel coast. An adventure in itself, as we encountered such diverse weather. We left in the cool mist of the morning, to arrive at Monterey in a cool, crisp sun, we hiked along the beach path and got some great Ocean pictures (actually – a family competition “who can get the best wave picture”)

Xavier didn’t believe the rest of the family that the Pacific Ocean was cold, insisted on trying out for himself. It was a very “chilly” lesson to learn…

We proceeded to drive the famous “17 Mile Drive” to Carmel and were engulfed by mist and cold fog… there were spots that “well it was just plain hard to see”…

When we emerged at Carmel-by-the Sea a cool crisp sun greeted us and we can see the overwhelming beauty and attraction of this “famous” coastline that has so many enamored with it.


We said good by to CA as we traverse the state again this time via Mojave National Preserve. The drive afforded us unique mountain vistas, which after a recent snowfall was even more beautiful (though I still have a hard time wrapping my head around cactus with snow on them!!) – sorry no picture for that – could not stop 🛑!

We now begin our journey east – we’ll see what kind of adventures and people we’ll meet along the way!!

“Remember it’s not just the destination, but the Joy of the Journey!”

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