little side trip… to Egypt…

While in our visit to California. I was able to take the opportunity to have a day out with my special “girl” who loves history just as much as I do. Her love for ancient Egypt is contagious and she was beside her self when I discovered that near us was an Egyptian Museum…

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum holds one of the most extensive collections of Egyptians artifacts in western North America. Yet, it’s not just their interior exhibits that draw you in, but the entire complex. Not sure what to expect when we first arrived, it was such a delightful surprise to have been greeted by a lush “Nile” like-garden landscape. They recreated a mini temple, garden, and even a labyrinth for outside exploration. Also, as part of the museum complex, the Rosicrucian Planetarium which is currently been remodeled (we were disappointed to have missed). If your interests run deeper than just a visit to a great museum, a research library is available upon request. Even though their entrance fee was quite moderate, they still provided great deals for students too.

Each section takes you through a respective era of the known kingdoms and people of the areas. One thing to mention is the museum also included other civilizations that throughout history came into contact with the Egyptians and their influence (including if they conquer the land for a period)…

Hope y’all are ready for some history geeky photos’:

The world of mummification (the Egyptians took this very seriously- they not only mummified themselves- but everything they could get their hands on for their “afterlives” comforts)…

Fascinating to me (and hopefully to you) was how meticulous they were about all aspects of their life. They kept great record and all sorts of writing implements. Tools for trade. For home my favorite if you have not guess were their kitchen items – they had a full set of MEASURING CUPS for baking!!! How awesome is that??? Ella preferred to look at all the fancy bead works and all implements of tools they use to make their beautification routines.


Lastly, a great replica of the interior of a burial tomb as you descend into the “lower” area on the museum to insight a real feel experience…


Hope you enjoyed our little “detour” as much as we did…

”Remember it’s not just the destination, it’s the Joy of the Journey…”

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