growing along the way…not just for kids

Our journey so far has taken us through breathtaking parts of our country. We meet people from all walks of life. Yet, for me, it has also become an evolving life-altering journey too. The Lord continues to stretch me in ways that amaze me. I never thought I would see myself in the role of principal and education mentor to my kids. Yet, on a daily basis, we spend endless hours working on school projects, time management, and learning skills. I plan and schedule our itineraries and research the areas that we travel (travel agent anyone – lol).

Yet, I, too, am learning while on the road. I love learning about each new place we visit, the history, the “local insights” and its natural hidden gems. “Blogging,” something I would ever do in my wildest dreams. Yet, it helps me process and document this unique opportunity that the Lord has set before me. It has become a voice of my inner being to express how much I love the journey we are in and to make sure I can recall all these details (since I am sure – I will forget not too soon- “curse you old age”).

Photography (though by no means have I become a “photographer”)- has become pure joy. After a few months on the open road – it became clear the amount of beauty that the lens of the camera could capture. (that was just not my great family and awesome fur babies!!) Was endless. Though only equipped with a great phone (yes- all my photos are courtesy to phone technology and some to fun filters ), I will never run out of things to snap up! I think I just might fill up the Cloud!!

Here is a collage of some of my favorites:

Remember It’s Not Just the Destination, It’s the Joy of the Journey…