parking with a view…

Breezy, balmy views and the glam of the city lights find us in our latest stop. As we basked in the breathtaking views of Lake Mead, with the glittering lights of Vegas hovering just in the background.

After a summer of National Parks overload, and overwhelming beauty. We decided to come back to “civilization” and have the amenities of the big city. Though we have travel and stopped here before, we had never explored the nature side of this area. Lake Mead has proven to be a gem and full of history ready to explore. Hoover Dam provided a thrill from its grand engineering to the historical importance to the area. Of course, we were overwhelmed by its size because plainly its “dam” big (ok – I had to do at least one “dam” joke!!)

We decided to venture into Vegas – to show the more “PG” side of the city to the kids, their buildings and well all the “bigness” of everything at least deserved a peek. Our kids’ reactions, however, were priceless. After several hours of walking – the sights and smells were more than enough that all three agreed that they had enough and were ready to leave. Guess its back to nature for us!

Another great place that has been enjoyed by the family is Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area – (in Henderson, NV). Over 48,000 acres of land that has preserved what archeologists believe to be 300 rock panels that may contain 1,500 petroglyphs native cultures from the Archaic to the historical era. Keith best put it to the kids, ” it’s the original graffiti of Native American.”

So our big city stop has been both enlighting and yet still relaxing. We are looking forward to our next stopped as we look forward to reconnecting with old friends.

“Remember It’s Not Just the Destination, It’s the Joy of the Journey. “

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