ohh Utah…how we’ll miss the views!!!

As we wrap up our time in this unique, beautiful, and rugged state of Utah, the craving to explore it further is already seeping its way into our beings. The last two months that we have meander throughout this state has broadened our horizons in ways that, indeed no other place has so far in our journey.

All good things must come to “somewhat” of an end as the saying goes — our spring-summer of National Parks, State Parks, National Monuments, and breathtaking drives, etc. Now we start to wind down to a “normal” nomad journey as they say. Our kids have embraced and (let’s face it whined) through more than a few hikes. My photo “cloud” it’s screaming from the overload of thousands of pictures taken of our walks and vistas. I am sure we have overwhelmed all of you too.

In all the beauty and amazing things we do; however, we want to take a moment and acknowledge the “real moments of life too.” – We live everyday life: work, routines, and deal with aches, and pains like most of of our loved ones do. Kids have bad days, fight with each other, and with us. At times “blogs and social media” may glamorize life on the road “a bit more perfect than it is,” and though we are so grateful for the incredible journey the Lord has placed us on, we still do live a normal life and deal with everyday issues.

It also helps us to look out not only to the things that are around us but to those that are in need and how to help them and facilitate help for them. As we watch the current natural disasters that are affecting the Atlantic Basin, we hope and pray that you will join us in the efforts to help them via Samaritan Purse.

We have also updated our website and added a new page to feature the work that we do with Justice & Mercy International.

The Narrows

Our last stop in our visit through Utah was Zion National Park. We started our park exploration with a breathtaking hike of the legendary hike of “The Narrows” through Virgin River, and it’s slot canyons. For me(Merari), that has been as much as I have been able to do in this beautiful park(when your sciatic nerve decides to act up!!- well that’s it is all that you can do). Keith and kids have had the joy of doing the rest of the exploring.

Here are some of the hikes and site-seeing:

Remember It’s Not Just the Destination, It’s the Joy of the Journey.

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