a little bit of city…Salt Lake City

So after we have traverse throughout the “less traveled sides” of states such as MT, WY, SD, etc., we wanted the kids to have a bit of a break before we continue on our binge of National Parks. So we did a short hop to Salt Lake City (SLC) not really knowing what to expect.


The bustling metropolis, (Utah – most populous and capital city) is beautifully city located amid an expanse valley in the middle of two mountain range. So no matter where you are in the town, and I mean regardless where you are – if you glance out of a window, stop and look up in your parking spot, the view is overwhelming. Though, I would gather that for those that live in SLC full time or are natives,  I wonder if they have grown used to this breathtaking vistas.

Library Day!!

In the short time that we were there, we were able to take in “big city” museum, movies, library, tons of restaurants, but were also able to take advantage some of the great natural beauty that is just on the outskirts of town. We visited the National Forest, which was just a short drive from us for several great hikes (Wasatch National Forest).


The kids enjoyed the benefits of “civilization” as they call it (better known as fast food) and had it as often as we would give in. Natural History Museum was by far their favorite.



We also were able to connect with a fabulous local body of believers that welcomed us and made us feel part of their family which always makes our stays such a highlight in any new town – so if you need a place to worship while in the area don’t hesitate to check out Sandy Ridge Church.

We were glad to have made this stop, but not going to lie after months of being in smaller towns and more secluded parts of our beautiful country it was at times “a bit overwhelming” to be in a big city again…so off we go again to small towns and more beautiful National parks… Capitol Reef – next stop!!!



“Remember is not just the Destination, is the Joy of the Journey.”

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