Yellowstone…the great adventure


We hope that our mini updates have been helpful to keep everyone up to date with our big adventure and continued journey. This stop has definitely been a “once in a lifetime” experience feel for us.  Not to say that we would not stop by and visit again (and again!!) this beautiful area (though we may think about a warmer month!!).

Our kids were amazed how much they’ve enjoyed the experience of the National Park, (though if I am honest when you do three weeks of nature – even the best of kids start to roll their eyes when they see another bison blocking the road.)

The animals have been so thrilling and not just for our kids. When we first entered the park, we were handed the “kids checklist” of Yellowstone animals. We made it a fun family competition and challenge (you want to get fed for the day – find mama an “exotic” animal – seems that getting fed “ups the score” and lots of animal sightings happened). Seeing bison and their babies (called “red dogs”) to otters, coyote, a far (thank goodness) grizzly bear, lots of Elk (including a few bucks), birds of prey, one lonely moose and darting so fast across the road that we almost miss it – an American Marten (I got fed for that one!!!).

We are blessed that our prolonged time in the area gave us the time and leisure to go through the park at our own pace and did our best to avoid the beginning of the tourist crowds. We have been able to see a majority of the entirety of the monumental National Park which (which on average of the summer months can see 850K+ visitors). Some areas we have not been able to see due to colder temps that are still lingering about (even in June- when some snow can be seen in our pictures). Some passes and areas are still not open (or open and close again due to the weather).

Overall, this still feels like a monumental experience, a park that spans three states (Wyoming, Montana, and parts of Idaho), since we were so close, we also made a day trip to the Grand Teton National Park which is just south of the Park (and beautiful all on its own right). 

We will now head into civilization for a bit to get reacquainted with humans and then continue in our National Park bonanza for the summer as we explore the beauties that await in Utah!!!

Remember is not just the Destination, but the Joy of the Journey”

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