last few months…are a blur

Thank you for all the prayers and support… The last few months have gone by in a blur… we blinked, and now it’s Spring… So we had a lovely time in our winter spot of sunny FL…while there we finished our stay with a Full-Time Family Rally (70 families the Rv full time gather to share fellowship and information about this lifestyle)…it was a fast-paced week with lots of information, fun activities and lots and lots of kids…

Then we bee-line to Nashville, TN where we met up with JMI for a great face to face meeting about our work with their ministry, and possible things to come soon… We also got to explore the contemporary city, eat lots of great food and saw some beautiful sunrises while staying by the water…

We zigzag through the mountains, may I say through some might tight roads for our mighty big “bus” to get to see family in our Georgia stop…

We made it back to Maryland for our medical must… and will be heading west next.. so stay tuned. We are so excited for what is to come…

Remember is just not the destination but the enjoy the journey!!!



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