faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust!!!(yeah we went there…)

If you didn’t guess it by the title…we took the plunge and while in our whirl wind stay in FL this winter we stopped in that magical place…and yes as many of you my friends know… I had promised never to set foot in Disney ever again… my kiddos when young had screamed their way through almost every ride (not one, twice, but three times…) I was quite happy never to experience that again…

My loving and patient hubby said, just wait when they get older this too shall pass… (insert eye roll from me)… but yet again I get to notify the press that he came up right…(oh I will never live it down…insert another eye roll)… so after much wearing me down, we contacted family friend and Disney expert Michaela Nuckels at Simply Magical Vacations.

She smoothly and expertly handled all the reservations for us, from our stay at Fort Wilderness Camping Lodge RV Campground and to our Park passes (set up fast passes to ride) and all that entails… she could have done so much more but I was overwhelmed enough… (but seriously) if Disney is in your sites contact Michaela (she truly will make it so easy… its like “magic”)…

So we settled into the Fort Wilderness with some minor mechanical issues which the Disney Courtesy welcome patrol immediately took care off. Still “Magical” people…then we got ourselves all ready for the adventure…

Our first day at the parks was Epcot:(and everyone was rearing to go!!)

We took a mid afternoon break… (and long nap…yeah not going to lie we slept like babies) then headed back for the evening lights and fun…(Frozen by far was my favorite ride, though the consensus for the rest of the family was “Test Track”… lammo “petrol-heads”…

We rested up well… drank a quadruple espressos in the morning and off we went to Magical Kingdom the next day… while we waited for the boat ride to arrive, Duncan entertained us with his amazing “sock puppet” expertise and by this I mean (he found a lost and forgotten sock in his coat pocket and proceeded to preform)…never a dull moment in our house…

But really we did have a lovely day and the best highlights from this entire trips are as follow… Keith’s aunt and uncle graciously came along and kept us company at the parks, listened to our kids, regaled them with Keith’s childhood stories and Keith’s uncle “fun” cop stories … other highlights…Keith and I were able to reminisce about our beginnings … a long, long time ago we went to something called “GradNite” where Senior High Graduates got to spend a late night in Disney…in what was that faithful night our relationship began to flourish from friendship to courtship…(let’s just say the “Haunted House” especially holds dear memories…)

yes… it was a great few days… I am glad we did it… we probably had our fill and are set until grand babies come around… but are grateful for the great family memories we did make…as Mr. Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”… and for me that was to go and enjoy Disney again!!!

Remember enjoy not just your destination but the Journey there…

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