a little stop along the journey…

thank you for coming along the journey with us thus far…I know I have neglected to keep y’all updated these past few weeks… since we landed in our “winter spot” it has been a whirlwind” of action…

We first got to “South Florida” and began mad preparations for our much awaited Anniversary celebration with Family and Friends, which we have shared already about… after a beautiful weekend


we went headlong in a flurry of preparations to make another significant transition to move into our new motorhome.. for those of y’all that had seen our home on wheels or were aware of what we had,   its known as a fifth wheel (we had one for close to 5.5 years)… but after much prayer and hours..hours of research and YouTube watching and dragging the kids to see many floor plans – we felt compelled that for our family and our new FullTime life that a motorhome (the one you drive and tow a small vehicle) made more sense… we took the plunge and went to Tampa… and in a crazy two-day transition moved all our belongings (which still amaze us how much stuff you can still have in 420 sq. ft. and settled in…

of course, it would not be the beginning of fall/winter without the lovely cold season which hit us pretty severely…so we empathize with all y’all out there that are not feeling so well this season…. then, of course, all prep for all the holidays hit the fan… Thanksgiving went by (I think I ate turkey…) and now we are solar ready (in my hubby’s dream that we can be independent for more extended road travel as we head west next year)…

but amidst all this… we have had amazing times to spent with family… not just get-togethers but just hangout day-in and day-out time with family… or doing little traditions like our yearly gingerbread house decorating… even getting in some local sites…

though it feels like time has flown by we feel blessed by the quality time we have spent with our loved ones…so we will keep you posted as we start to travel again after the New Year and more crazy adventures begin…


please remember if you want to love on those that most need it this holiday season check out Justice and Mercy International Gift page (JMI Christmas Store)they have wonderful ideas on how to bless others!!!

May the Lord’s Blessing be with You All!!


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