eating…RV style…

So often when we share about our adventures, people love to hear about the places and things we see…yet they also find it amazing at how we live our daily lives in less than 420 square feet…

Women in particular wonder at the daily activities, such as cooking and laundry… I know probably not the most interesting to many but I thought I would take stab at least at one of those today… FOOD… since in my house it is almost as important as God

Food is a form of LOVE in our family… so eating well and “maybe” fancy it’s part of our regular routine… with a family of five… we try not to eat out too much cause well (with two teenagers and one upcoming preteen) well our bank account would be bankrupt … so we attempt to eat at home most days…


You would be surprised in a “small” kitchen we make almost everything that a “gourmet” kitchen would do, with a little creativity maybe you too would think how to do some fun stuff in your kitchen…

Here is the breakdown of equipment that I utilize: currently I have a gas oven (27 in.) 3 burner stove (that would be more realistic 2 useable burners at a time), 1 convection microwave (that truth be told – have used once as an oven – but I am getting more comfortable using as we speak!!) and a countertop convection toaster oven (Breville – yes total product placement- Love it!!- it’s my second one!!)

So a little trick that I do all the time for baking in the oven – its layers- yes I have “cookie cooling rack” that I add on top of my baking sheet in order to have a dual rack in the oven and get two things to bake at the same time ( I also added a baking stone in the oven in order to make sure I have even baking)…Having tools that serve multi-purpose also come very handy…I am not an outdoor grilling person… But my family still enjoys the burger and other grilled food… So I invested in a 5-in-1 griddle… I can grill, and use it to also make our favorite breakfast food like pancake and waffle with a quick switch of the insert plates… and if we want to grill a sandwich or panini’s we can have does too ( have you ever had a grilled guava and cheese sandwich if you haven’t let me tell you don’t know what you are missing yet…in our family that is a favorite.. 🙂

So as you can see with a little bit of thought and (some help from Pinterest) to keep your recipes interesting you are able to eat healthy, fun and exciting meals even in a “small” kitchen space… so the sky is the limit for your palate and your bellies… Von Appetite from the McFarland 5…

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