six month…and four score….(ok maybe not the four score…lol)

So we made it to the six-month mark of officially living in the RV…though we didn’t start our full-time travel until the summer…we began our “tiny full-time living” life back in March… and well we made it to the six-month mark… I am happy to announce … still have a husband, 3 kids, and 2 dogs… everyone still has all body parts… and on most days everyone still “mostlyhappily enjoys each others company…

For us that is a big accomplishment … when we lived in the brick and mortar home… I don’t think we laugh as much as we have in the past 6 months (or maybe cry too)… we definitely get into each others business A LOT MORE… and we definitely do get annoyed at each other… we experience every day highs and lows with each other…we are also learning slowly but surely, to make ways to give each other more GRACE… and to step outside of our own comfort zones in order to find what is “normal” for others in our family…

Routines still get work and reworked in order to bring comfort and growth to each of us…I look at each of the kids and see new areas in which strengths and also weakness have been brought out by this new life experience… and continue to pray how the Lord will mold and stretch them into the adults that He foreseen… cause I definitely don’t have a clue I am just going along for the ride… but I am glad I get to see it up close and personal … (well at least most days…Coffee and a whole lot of Jesus help too!!!)


Here is to see what the next six months will bring…

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