Galveston… in one word…resilient

The family has had the privilege of settling our feet and relaxing for little over a month in the warm breezy of Galveston Island, TX… though we had heard many things about this beach town… we were both pleasantly surprised by not only by the beauty of it but the richness in its history …

However, has been most surprising is how resilient this town truly is. Though not the only area that is hard hit with storms in current history… Galveston has had its share of disasters (starting with a monumental devastating Hurricane of 1900 – which if you are not familiar with, almost wiped out the town – in one night over 6,000 people died and a majority of the buildings were destroyed or damaged and more recently Hurricane Ike)… but out of those tragedies just like a phoenix rising out of its ashes so did Galveston… and rally and build a seawall which now surrounds the beachfront and has become an attraction in itself, as well as protection…so many places can be seen which rebuild time and time again… while others, well I guess there are so many times you can rebuild… yet you can sense the essence of the town and their resilience

While we played at “tourist” we got to explore sites as the: Moody Mansion, Rosenberg Library (which is the oldest public library in Texas…sigh it is so beautiful and the historical section a dream for any bookworm!!!)…but we also looked into more “local history” such as Bryan Museum (which originally was a children’s orphanage and its history in the island) now host one of the largest collection of South West history in the U.S. … we also took a look into a more “trade history”  such as Ocean Star Offshore Rig Museum and  Galveston Railroad Museum… you can’t be in Galveston without taking in the beauty of its waterways …and a lazy Sunday afternoon on a Dolphin sightseeing tour was definitely a treat to see all the beauty and got treated to lovely frolicking dolphins playing along the boat… (BTW – if you are wondering how we manage all these outings, check out “Galveston Island Pass” where you are able to get these great local sites for 40% off their entry fee) yes I do LOVE a bargain!!!

But being tourist is not our only purpose as we travel. We were able to connect with a great local church (Galveston Bible Church) and met some great fellow believers and share about Justice and Mercy International , it was a win-win situation…

Family @ Galveston Bible Church

During this trip we “kill-two-birds-with one stone”… our oldest son got his license permit (a dream come true for him) not so much for his mama… (sigh why do they grow up so fast) … and he also visited his #1 choice for university (coming up in the near future) Texas A&M!!

And now we off to our next destination…adventure awaits just around the next bend…

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