some like it hot…but oh Dallas…

Dallas in the summer…how do you describe it… yes some told it would be hot…but when you happen experience a record high heat summer(in its record) …well it’s like trying to walk outside yet it feels  like your face is baking in the sun… (ok maybe not that bad) but pretty close… we stop in the Dallas area to see family and to start our “official” domicile legalities to be Texan!! And we are proud to say that after a dramatic day at DMV …we now are legally Texas residents… Yes y’all we “be legit”!!! All joking aside, it was great to reconnect with family, to see the kids rekindled their relationship with grandparents, aunt and uncle, and sweet cousins…

In between the melting heat, we got to squeeze in sites…At the Dallas World Aquarium, taste the local treats in  places like Frisco and Historic McKinney.. seems like donuts are their own type of “cult” in this area of the state since they are in every corner… and some are quite tasty… but we are still working on that so we’ll let you know when we finish eating all the samples… :)!!!

Between all the road constructions and everything being “Texas size” only took us a few weeks to get use all the crazy road patterns… just in time get out of town… but not quite out of Texas… (but that is another chapter…)

We are still visiting local churches and excited to share about JMI to whom ever is willing to listen… if you have not had a chance to check their latest blog… please do so.. and if you feel led to lend a helping hand in that ministry..please listen to that prompt!!!

Here are highlights from our Dallas reel:


2 thoughts on “some like it hot…but oh Dallas…”

  1. You guys are having such an adventure!!!! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about all the experiences you are having. Please let me know when you will be heading to Florida!!! Miss you guys!


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