along the way…

In between breath-taking, majestic views and architecture marvels come along those “little moments” which really make up every day…along the way so far we have been able to stop and talk with so many of our “neighbors” in the long lost art of the impromptu conversations of just “saying hi“…visited the local churches and enjoyed fellowship with others that we’ll enjoy eternity with…Heard others heart’s desires in their life-mission and how they are taking their families on similar journeys…We’re blessed in potluck get together that were put together “on the fly“, instead of  penciled in a too busy of a schedule.

A joy has been the life moments that I get to witness in my very own family… when father and son grow closer together for mutual interests, for one it’s lifelong passion and the other a new found “obsession”…

Other “little” things along the way are just the everyday things that make life interesting…dealing with sweltering heat.. puppy getting into stuff he ought not and having emergency vet visit “sigh”… getting the bumps out of the road and redrawing our ideas of what things look like…


Like this becoming your new “home office”…

Yet our kids spend more time doing things like this…

Rather than …well you get the idea…you fill in the blank…So we’ll take “all” the things that come along the way…the good with well sometimes not so fun… It’s okay as our good Lord reminds us:

“His mercies never cease.

Great is his faithfulness;

his mercies begin afresh each morning.” Lam. 3:22b-23

There is always tomorrow …See you along the way

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