Summer Cottages!!!

Oh, the lives of the rich and famous of the turn of the century sure make me laugh… they spend their summer cooling themselves briefly in places such as Newport, RI. Where they built for themselves “Cottages by the Sea”. This Gilded Age Era was more than we can ever imagine, and will never be again… but I can assure you than the beauties that they left behind make for certain an entertaining and if anything a lesson on what extravagance and ostentatious living was like.. I love the quote from Oscar Wilde which says:

“Have nothing in your house that has not given pleasure to the man who made it and is not a pleasure to those who use it. Have nothing in your hoses that useful or beautiful.”

So many of this houses tell a story of sadness, for many of their owners after spending so much didn’t enjoy them as many passed away, had broken marriages, or suffered family tragedies…But I am not going to lie I did enjoy their beauty and sharing with the kids…

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